World Peace Bell, Southbank Partners and the Malton Gallery Present

“A Sculptural Celebration of Peace and Humanity”

World Peace Bell, Newport  Kentucky.  July 1 to July 22

Home to the world’s largest free swinging bell, World Peace Bell Park is the vision of Wayne Carlisle who built the park as “a symbol of freedom and peace, honoring our past, celebrating our present and inspiring our future.”  The Park and Bell have become an icon of Newport. Several monuments are housed on the park, most notably, the “Flame for Eternal Peace,” a tower erected by WP Butler, stands as a powerful statement that reinforces the idea of world peace.

Jack Moreland, Southbank Partners’ President, is “honored and proud to host the Humanity Outpost sculptural celebration…it will be a major regional event, drawing many visitors to the Peace Bell Park and to Northern Kentucky’s river communities”.

Edward Casagrande, the artist behind the Humanity Outpost sculptures says his art speaks to the simple idea of celebrating the culture of humanity and driven by the notion of community and connectivity. “ World Peace Bell Park is the place for the Humanity Outpost sculptures…the place to experience a culture of good intentions…the place for showcasing the best of Humanity”

Sylvia Rombis of the Malton Gallery will curate and promote the exhibition.  The celebration will include a series cultural events focusing on art, music and performance.  All events will be free to the public. “Our vision is to create a major destination and sculptural event venue for the Humanity Outpost exhibition.  The World Peace Bell and Park are the perfect symbols of Peace…symbols that resonate with Edward’s sculptural concept and harmonize perfectly with the mission of the World Peace Bell.”

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