Sylvia Rombis : Owner of the Malton Gallery

Sylvia markets, curates, promotes and manages the Humanity Outpost Sculptural Exhibitions.  Sylvia has represented Humanity Outpost artist Edward Casagrande, for 15 years and together have placed many large scaled, public installations throughout the Midwest. Sylvia’s drive & energy, as well as, her “can do” approach to huge projects really drive the train and make her projects a huge success! It would not be exaggerating to say Sylvia is  the essence of the Humanity Outpost as Edward is to the “art” of Humanity!

Edward Casagrande :  Artist/Creator of the Humanity Outpost Sculptures

Edward’s unwavering artistic vision has resulted in the creation of the Humanity Outpost, an evolving series of sculptural exhibitions revolving around the core mission of celebrating the best of humanity through his art.

Edward’s philosophy is simple:  Connectivity, Commonality, and Community….universally resonating…everyone “gets” Edward’s message!

Brenda Campbell : Manager of the Malton Gallery

Brenda is a tremendous  asset to the Malton Gallery in coordination of all aspects of the Humanity Outpost.  The result of her efforts is clearly shown on this site…as she is the “voice” of the Malton Gallery and the Humanity Outpost’s blogs, posts, tweets and pins… whatever the task, Brenda make it happen!

Mark Macomber :  Humanity Outpost Events Ambassador

Mark is a true “Man of the New Millennium”.   Architect, Builder, Contractor and Design Professional by occupation…talented Musician, Music Promoter, and Arts supporter by passion.  Mark lends a very special combination of music knowledge and music promotion expertise to the Humanity Outpost.  He has single-handedly gathered together the best talent this region has to offer, and has coordinated the entire event schedule. Everything form World Choir Game concerts, Carillons, Yoga, Belly Dancers as well as several dozen top notch musicians and groups…all seamlessly accommodated and scheduled…this is no small feat.  Mark has made it possible for all to truly experience and celebrate the best “creative output of humanity” at the Humanity Outpost, July 1-22, 2012.

Jack Moreland : President of Southbank Partners

Jack is leading a committee of community, business and civic leaders, forged to facilitate the collaboration with the Malton Gallery and artist Edward Casagrande.  “Southbank Partners is honored and proud to host the Humanity Outpost sculptural celebration,” said Moreland, “The Humanity Outpost exhibition is a major regional event, and we are thrilled to be a part of this celebration, which will draw many visitors to the Peace Bell Park and to  Northern Kentucky’s river communities.” Jack’s guidance and enthusiastic support is a major factor in the inevitable success of the Humanity Outpost Exhibition.  Malton Gallery and the Humanity Outpost  realize the enormous value of Jack’s guidance and  contributions to our success!

Wayne Carlisle :  Creator of the World Peace Bell Park

The World Peace Bell Park was the vision of  local businessman Wayne Carlisle to be a “Lasting Reminder of  Peace and a place to celebrate Peace”. The park is the perfect place for the Humanity Outpost exhibition…a synergy of our missions! The Peace Bell is the world’s largest free swinging bell and is an Icon for Newport, KY.  We are thankful to Mr. Carlisle for the extraordinary World Peace Bell Park and the powerful message of Peace and Freedom that it embraces.

Sal Wertheim :  Special Events Coordinator, City of Newport

Sal has seamlessly guided Humanity Outpost  through the logistics of an event of this magnitude.  Sal’s knowledge and practiced ability to “get things done” has been an inspiration and a liberation for the Humanity Outpost. Behind the scene, his logistical expertise is undeniable…the City of Newport, Malton Gallery and Humanity Outpost are elevated and greatly facilitated by his contributions!

Katy Knowles :  YogahOMe owner.

Katy is an enthusiastic supporter of artist Edward Casagrande and the Malton Gallery. The mission of her yoga studios, YogahOMe, perfectly aligns with the Humanity Outpost. To celebrate that synergy, Katie and her wonderful group of instructors will be offering  free yoga classes every day at 9am, July 1-22!

Katy and YogahOMe add a special spirit to the Humanity Outpost. Her  contribution of the free yoga bring 22 days of joy, health, and a peaceful “ome” to the Humanity Outpost!

Carol Howard : Humanity Outpost Volunteer Ambassador

People say that if you want something done right, a retired schoolteacher is your best bet.  Carol has managed to organize and schedule over 40 volunteers and docents the old fashioned way, by phone or note…no fancy e-mail needed.  The Humanity Outpost is indeed awed and grateful to Carol.  She will be a fixture at the at the World Peace Bell Park.  Stop by to meet her…you will surly learn something new.  Humanity Outpost embraces our volunteers, your dedication is in the true “spirit of humanity”!

Colleen Eaton : Humanity Outpost Media Ambassador

“Media Maven” Colleen is an amazing person.   Smart, articulate, patient and possessing a great sense of humor…she is the reason you are experiencing our Humanity site now.  Colleen surely drew on her sense of humor and patient qualities while building this site… but the results are manifested  and her talent as web mistress evident… is a comprehensive, informative, easy to navigate and joyful website.  Colleen has helped the Humanity Outpost reach farther than the imagination and really make possible our connection to you. Thanks Colleen for  creating our “Connection”!

Alexis Barnhart

After Colleen set the foundation for the Humanity Outpost website, Alexis filled in the odds and ends.  Her understanding of technology helped her troubleshoot and solve any problems encountered while building, editing, and improving the website, while her immense patience and creativity kept her sane.  Alexis runs a blog of her own and is currently studying French abroad in Quebec, Canada.  She is a student, and although she is not a computer science major (or even a designer by any means) she is proud of how the Humanity Outpost website turned out and hopes it is enjoyed by all!

Friends of the Humanity Outpost :
MAC Productions
Newport on the Levee
Millenium Carillon
Neusole Glassworks
Maali Cincinnati Belly Dance
Strategic Advisers
Tree of Life World Music
Silk & Suede
New Horizons

Mark Macomber

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