Calling ALL Volunteers & ART Students!

The Malton Gallery is organizing a major Sculptural event and exhibition at the World Peace Bell in Newport ,Kentucky! This event will run July1-22, 2012 and will showcase the sculptures of Edward Casagrande & will also invole a series of cultural events revolving around art, music & performance.

We are offering an OPPORTUNITY for a qualified senoir or graduate ART STUDENT to direct, conceptualize, curate and schedule all aspects of the art component of the exhibition. We envision art events that will compliment the WORLD PEACE BELL and the HUMANITY OUTPOST!

The student will work directly with Sylvia Rombis, owner of Malton Gallery and Curator of the Humanity Outpost Exhibition!

For more information please contact Sylvia Rombis or Brenda Campbell at Malton Gallery. (513-321-8614),

One thought on “Calling ALL Volunteers & ART Students!

  1. There is a wonderful and purpose filled story of commonality, connectivity, community and goodwill being told through highly symbolic sculptures. This will be a valuable volunteer experience for burgeoning artist, art lovers and fans of a community spirit. If you have never experienced the thrill of being in an international “outpost” – your opportunity has arrived. 22 days of peace and humanity, by declaration and design. This is a free community event to add to your life experience. Plan on spending time celebrating humanity at its best. This exhibition is a paradigm shift and will resonate with all of the humanity that visits the “Outpost”. We would love to have you there to greet our visitors from all over the world.

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