2 thoughts on “The HEART of Humanity is at the World Peace Bell!

  1. Outpost are fun places layered with the stuff humanity brings along on the journey. Humanity also refuels, restocks, re charges and unwinds before continuing the treks through the unknown geography of the world. There is a compulsion to share stories and cultures – actually, the Peace and Humanity Outpost is dedicated to the traveling throngs being on their collective best behavior! – just sharing the best qualities of community, culture, and goodwill. We are hoping to learn so much from our guests – because they all have stories to be discovered.

    1. The adage, ” every picture tells a story – don’t it? (Rod Stewart)” is so true!! The Humanity Outpost will tell a story of Peace and Humanity through sculptural expression, urgent and relevant symbolism, entertainment genres, actual story boards, word out of the mouths of travelers, journeyfolks and the performing artists….when you visit Humanity Outpost in July you will have so many dots to connect that you should plan to dive into the experience and refill your life jars! How can THM be so certain? Easy. The Humanity Outpost is being built at an OUTPOST sculpting the BEST of US in every part.

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