The Humanity OUTPOST is taking Flight!!

ImageEdward Casagrande, Malton Gallery, & the HUMANITY OUTPOST are in full swing! You might even say we are flying …to get ready to bring you the event of the summer! There is lots of excitment and we are bringing in great people to help us with top notch music & performances to compliment our vision of the park and Edward’s fabulous work!


One thought on “The Humanity OUTPOST is taking Flight!!

  1. All of the winged things that keep The Humanity Machine humming are filled with Spring fevers. Thus, it is a bit crazy at the outpost where the outpost is being sculpted.

    In those areas, and there are many, where kind thoughts are processed, the excitement can be measured. We measure for overload – always having to be ready to send the extra niceness down the line to the next fulfillment area. This is usually accompanied by a symphony of trills, hums, and whistles. The sounds of niceties is so pleasant – but you all know that already!

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