LOOK to the North, South, East & West for the Humanity OUTPOST!


Directional SYMBOLS have a huge importance at the OUTPOST…all arrows unite at the Center of the OUTPOST..LAT 39 05 32.14N, LONG 84 29 45.75W. Peace & Humanity radiate out in all directions & people from every direction will be coming together this July in celebration!

One thought on “LOOK to the North, South, East & West for the Humanity OUTPOST!

  1. The cardinal points are such a powerful set of organizing notions. The thoughts associated with the idea of direction have generated folklore, culture, poetry,mythology, literature, art….all attempting to tell a story , tale or spirit of that directional idea. There have always been such a wealth of emotions attached to these navigational concepts. Here is the really beautiful part of the observation – and you are so correct Brenda – Humanity Outpost will celebrate all of the mythology and legends from all of the points of arrival and departure. There will be a sunrise and sunset sculpture….there has to be!! and, as time permits, a moonrise and moonset sculpture…that is just how awesome an outpost is. so, we will be so happy to begin receiving guest.

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