Malton Gallery and the HUMANITY OUTPOST!

Malton Gallery, where you can discover great art, is the force behind the

incredible Uniqueness of the OUTPOST!

Sylvia Rombis , owner of Malton Gallery, says her passion for art began many years ago when she used her money to buy a car for art instead! She was hooked ever after, and her “taste” for art has never waned! She is a passionate advocate for the arts and volunteers her time, talent and gallery space for community art students and emerging artists! In an era where profit is the only consideration Sylvia is concerned with the future of art and artists! She wants to put Ohio & Kentucky on the map for great art, exhibitions and a place where the national community knows we support our artists 100%…NOT WITH WORDS BUT ACTIONS as well! With Sylvia & Edward’s fabulous work you are in for a special treat in July 1-22, 2012

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