“Lets Dance, Lets Sing…….”

ImageHave you marked your calendars for July 1-22 for the event of the Season? There will be dancing & singing and very beautiful & unique art to discover and share!! Malton gallery & Edward Casagrande invite you all to come enjoy the month of Peace & Humanity FREE! The World Peace Bell Park in Newport ,Kentucky will be the “place to be!”

One thought on ““Lets Dance, Lets Sing…….”

  1. If you take the purest idea of how an outpost operates – this spirit comes very close to being the diagram! The golden wings of a sunrise beginning a journey, or the golden hues of a sunset suspending the daily migration. The symbolic outstretched arms welcoming and promising kindness, shelter and provisions. Dancing wild and spontaneous – in sharp contrast to a day of deliberate, focused forward motion. An “outpost” provides all the lighthearted necessities for relief, release, and rejuvenation. Your spirit also needs to wash away the challenges of the road. As the evening closes, the silver glow of the moon provides just enough lumens to log your travel notes, longings, hopes and dreams. And finally , the glitter of a gazillion stars to dust your sleepy mind to rest. Morning comes awful early! Sweet dreams traveler.

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