ImageCairns can be found all over the world and are an important part of history! In Canada, where I hail from, they are called Inuksuits(named by our Native Canadians) who are brilliant artisans and very Spiritual people. There are Inuksuits all the way across Canada along the highways…sometimes humble…sometimes monuments. Edward Casagrande’s Cairns are the “wayfinders” to Peace & Humanity! Be sure to join us July 1-22 at the World Peace Bell Park in Newport, Kentucky!

One thought on “FIND YOUR “WAY” to the HUMANITY OUTPOST!!

  1. Hi Brenda

    I love your story of travel from sea to sea….it inspired a cairn purpose.

    THM, not wanting to be too monolithic in its approach to celebrating humanity, has been developing concepts for the communications/ postal/ journaling cairns. There is much beautiful prose, poetry, story,yarn, revelation, despair and jubilation scrawled and lovingly penned into the journals of travelers – even traveler spirits that can only dream of travel. THM has a saying hammered into its cairn detailing facility threshold that declares…” you do not have to be mobile to be global – but there is nobility in mobility”….The intention of the postal/journal cairn is to seduce some of those wonderful journal entries into the collective cultural network. Commonality is one of the main threads in the humanity quilt – and connectivity, goodwill and community is the fabric. So, rip a page out of your worn and tattered log book and leave it at the cairn of culture – when you encounter the wayfinder during your journey. THX.LOG.THO.THM.<3

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