ImageSylvia Rombis is our first person “on the Bench.” Sylvia is owner of MALTON GALLERY, loving wife & mother, and has enough energy for 3 people! I admire that Sylvia always looks fabulous…even went painting, hanging artwork or hammering nails…she is fashion forward! Sylvia, although a consumate business woman, really has her gallery for the LOVE of art! She wants the work to go to people who really love it and she goes to the ends of the earth for her customers! i.e. driving 6 hours for a painting in a customers bathroom! She is a generous person & one of the most positive person’s I’ve ever met. That’s how I see her…she has also won this year’s VOLUNTEER AWARD by VENUE magazine even though she won’t mention it herself….Sylvia Rombis “on the bench.”      Brenda

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