Everything is coming up BEAUTIFUL from COLUMBUS, OHIO!

Everything is coming up BEAUTIFUL from COLUMBUS, OHIO!

The Humanity OUTPOST has something that will inspire you, delight you and make you proud to be from the TRI-STATE!!
The Columbus CHILDREN”S CHOIR has earned their place in the WORLD CHOIR GAMES Competition and are honoring the OUTPOST with a FRIENDSHIP CONCERT! WE are so fortunate to have this caliber of talent on our doorstep! Please show a huge level of support for the kids & wish them well. They will be at the OUTPOST July 7th and will perform between 3-4;30 pm.Bring YOUR children to inspire them! IT is FREE TO YOU. We will see you at the WORLD PEACE BELL PARK Saturday! Thank-you to the WCG organizers for helping us with this event!

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